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Get your move to digital off to the right start


Save time and money while delivering a robust, consistent workspace users will love that is easy to manage and improve over time.

Practical Information Protection & Compliance

Be comprehensive in your approach to information protection and compliance while saving time and gaining insights into how your users interact with information.

Work smarter, not harder with workspace automation

Simplify the setup and management of simple through to complex digital workspaces and Teams and enjoy enterprise grade workspace solutions which can be progressively built over time.

Get the most from Teams

Successfully manage & maintain control of Teams at scale and optimise collaboration in your org.

Engaging and effective intranet solutions

Simple & consistent content management with intuitive navigation.

Change & Adoption

Ensure the success of your digital workspace by engaging and empowering managers and users.

Practical Information Protection & Compliance


Be comprehensive in your approach to Information Protection & Compliance (IPC) while saving time and gaining insights into how your users can safely create & interact with information.


iWorkplace IPC supports you to achieve greater understanding of the risks posed to your organisation. Sophisticated retention & disposal (R&D) of records and the option to leverage E5 capabilities to systematically protect sensitive & private content. Global management of metadata and content, prioritised reviews of risks & action planning/  execution and visibility and management of OneDrive accounts keep you informed at every step. Deletion monitoring across SharePoint, Teams & OneDrive provide confidence and transparency.


How these capabilities are delivered


iWorkplace Protection

- Determine high risk information and define Sensitive Information Types (SIT).

- Change and Adoption activities and messaging that increase awareness and help staff and guests/ contractors use  safe practices.

- Applying tenancy settings and org-wide IT policies.

- Design protection into digital workspaces/workloads - Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Mailboxes, File shares etc.

iWorkplace Compliance

- Global management, reporting & automated R&D across SharePoint/Teams.

- OneDrive Manager Monitoring tool, dashboards & playbook to stay in control of usage.

- Deletion Monitoring register & dashboard.


Apps & Frameworks that support this functionality

Practical Compliance. Information managers can set up retention and disposal rules that span document libraries.


It also provides:

Adoption monitoring and the ability for the Information Manager to define customer views e.g. files added in the last week.

Update actions including bulk copy or move files as well as update metadata and retention labels.

Use native M365 retention labels to protect files from day 1 then dispose of them to a schedule

Smart Labels automates this at scale and with tricky use cases that hard to administer out of the box with E3 or E5

Alongside our provisioning Apps this allows R&D for

a) single rule per library or folder

b) more than one rule per library

c) event driven rules (e.g. keep contracts for two years after they expire)


Includes Smart Records views so you can access

a) what files are being created by whom

b) what files are due to be deleted soon

c) and more metadata based queries

Your large files and digital workplace, together. 


Smart Storage allows you to access and manage these files from within SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams while storing them in the most appropriate system.

Take control of OneDrive use before it becomes your biggest information management headache. 


This solution includes:

Tool to view & move OneDrive files, as well as determining where they are excessive.

BI dashboard that shows, per person, their use of OneDrive versus ECM workspaces.

Framework for change management & proactive action to engage with users.

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Deletion Monitoring

Confidence & transparency.  Provides information managers with convenience views of files that have been recently deleted in workspaces as well as any OneDrive account. 


It is comprised of:

Global BI interface that summarises deletions by person or site.

In-site webparts for deletions for any workspace.

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IPG Framework

Build & execute an IPG plan. The Framework provides the means to review and improve each aspect of information protection and governance.


This includes an assessment plan and an improvement plan, as well as workshops and training to support your team.


Work smarter, not harder with workspace automation

iWorkplace provides enterprise level workspace solutions which can  be progressively built over time. Built in Autoclassification and base retention & disposal alongside either E3 or E5 licensing ensures files are protected from day 1.


Intuitive navigation supports easy file & find access across SharePoint & Teams and Enterprise search allows you to search across M365.


How these capabilities are delivered


- Central workspaces management including automated use of retention labels.

- Case File Management solution for managing full lifecycle of case files, including permissions, metadata and retention & disposal (R&D).

- Enterprise Search  solution across Teams & SharePoint.

- Template Management solution to ensure staff are using the latest approved templates.

- Controlled Documents solution.


Apps that support this functionality

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Smart Provisioning

Automated site & Team builds, including self-service. It enables workspaces to be created and updated based on settings in a SharePoint list. 


New site collections or teams are created based on the specified template and additional (conditional) actions can be applied either during or after site creation.

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Smart Metadata

Autoclassification.  The App allows metadata to be automatically set based on the name of a folder or subfolder a file is stored in.


In conjunction with the Smart Labels App, this allows retention labels to be automatically set at folder level, so a library can have two or more retention rules being applied automatically.

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Smart Case Files

Practical case file management. Allows local coordinators to create and update case files without needing administrator rights.


This includes managing the lifecycle of a case file including those with complex permissions and stages they go through. It can also trigger retention and disposal once a case file is closed.

Get the most from Teams


iWorkplace Teams gives you peace of mind that your Teams/ content are consistently structured and governed with the right metadata, compliance and protection built in. Easy and flexible ways of working support scalable collaboration while retaining findability with Teams discoverable in search and navigation


How these capabilities are delivered


- Underlying IA architecture & simple design patterns to support fit for purpose Teams.

- Teams Wizard for Self-service or Team requests.

- Central Team management including  metadata, R&D, permissions & lifecycle.

- Simple navigation by business classification and breadcrumbs.

- Automated  metadata capture.


Apps & frameworks that support this functionality

Convenience, consistency & control to give users the power of Teams without them spiraling out of control. This includes user self-service to request a Team from pre-set templates.


Teams  are then created with compliance and metadata settings, as well as plumbed into search and navigation. Permissions can allow a wider audience to access the files created.

Empower users to collaborate and connect with external guests. The app provides visibility & control over guest access in your organisation.


It saves time with our automated process. Simply approve or reject guest access and the rest is done for you.

Empower users to safely create new Teams that they need to get work done.

Engaging and effective intranet solutions

Create great user experiences & adoption with an iWorkplace Intranet. With simple and consistent content management and intuitive  navigation, your organisation can leverage robust and scalable information architecture and the M365 ecosystem.


How these capabilities are delivered


- Information Architecture (IA) base designed to evolve with user content needs, whilst providing seamless content integration, navigation, search and connection.

- Methods, workshops, UX design, templates and accelerators are used to provide engaging and effective intranet solutions.

Change & Adoption


Ensure the success of your digital workspace by engaging and empowering managers and users. This includes initiatives at all phases of your project e.g. developing the business case, forming a roadmap, implementation and business as usual.

Self-help for users: Provides users with an anytime, anywhere 365 training hub for new recruits and refreshers. Includes videos and other training material for your digital workplace.


You can add your own content about your digital workspace or any other topic e.g. "working here" or "health and safety" 

This provides resources to engage with managers and staff, so they are active and willing participants in the implementation of your digital workplace. 


Our “change playbook” is tuned for the implementation and your specific situation or challenges.

Options on who does what. We can play a supporting role to your internal change agents or be hands-on. 

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