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The Public Records Act and other compliance schedules dictate how files are retained and disposed. Unfortunately, implementing retention and disposal out of the box, at scale, is impractical and cumbersome  to manage regardless of whether you have an E3 or E5 license.


If you are using out of the box practices, you will need to set up retention policies or retention labels to  apply rules after your ECM workspaces have been built. Depending on your license level, rules may need to be applied manually at site, library, folder or individual file level.


The four problems to solve:

1. High value content is mixed in with the clutter

It can be difficult to separate high value files (e.g. finals) from working/admin files.

2. Complicated & time consuming

Setting up R&D rules over a whole tenancy can be time consuming & usually doesn't happen.

3. Information is not protected

This means important content can be inadvertently deleted without controls.

4. M365 storage costs increase

When content that no longer has value is not systematically deleted.

Simplify your R&D set-up and achieve compliance at scale

iWorkplaceTM Smart Labels supports practical R&D at scale in your organisation by automating the application of out of the box Retention Labels. In four easy steps, your organisation can  be on it's way to retention and disposal compliance.

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Review the disposal schedule for your organisation's requirements and setup your master set of retention labels that sites, folders and files will be tagged with.

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Map the schedule to your taxonomy and content.

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Set default metadata

Set default metadata that will then apply the correct label to the content of a whole library or those files in a particular subfolder.


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Step back

Step back and have the confidence that files that need to be retained are  now protected and those that no longer have value are disposed. Reporting is in place to know what is  happening.

All bases covered

2+ Rules in a library

Set different rules for different document types, allowing you to retain final documents.

Default rule in a library

Apply labels based on Set Label metadata.

Event driven rules

If the event is significant, retain the files.

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default rule ss 2022 10 14 v3
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Benefits to your organisation

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The iWorkplace Smart Labels engine automatically sets the retention label for every document based on the metadata value specified.

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Cost saving

Save money by working smart, not storing more. Dispose of the files you no longer need and retain the ones you do to ensure your cloud storage isn’t overrun by clutter.

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Leverage out of the box functionality

Regardless of your E3 or E5 license status, apply out of the box retention labels to protect files until they are due to be disposed.

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With automated metadata, simplify the application of your retention labels and feel confident that your compliance is locked in as you’re building your ECM or retrospectively.

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Want to learn more?

Read about iWorkplace Smart Labels and how it can support compliance in your organisation in our latest blog from Directors Sarah Heal and Grant Margison.

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