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Every migration job is different. Our discovery process helps you understand what you currently have. This lets you consider whether it is migrated exactly like for like or some simplifications and trade-offs can be made, that will reduce costs, timeframes and complexity. These include:

Archive vs Active?

What gets migrated into archive versus active modern workspaces. Also what content is disposed of or not migrated.

Metadata needed?

Treatment of existing metadata. New metadata can be inferred from the existing folder structures as well as filenames or patterns within the file itself

Modernise vs like-for-like?

The degree of new 365 functionality desired. For instance, adding a Microsoft Team to a SharePoint site or upgrading a list to use the new list features. 


All at once cutover or as you go over a period of several months. For On-Prem migrations this can include setting up hybrid search to users can find content from both environments.


How to handle customisations and one-offs that exist in the legacy system. This includes workflows and replacing custom code or solutions.

DIY options?

What we do, versus teach and support you to do yourself, In some cases a combined team could be formed.

Migrate from legacy platforms


Our migration toolset


Technologies: We use a mix of SQL, BI, Power Shell, code, Windows Server FCI, scripts, and on occasion third party tools such as ShareGate or AvePoint


Database & Automation: A database is use to track and execute much of the migration. This includes informing the automated build of 365 workspaces that use our iWorkplace Smart Provisioning

On-Prem SharePoint

Remove risk: SharePoint 2010,  2013 and 2016 are becoming dated and harder to support

Experienced: We have extensive experience in migrating content, structure and customisations from platforms

Targeted: This includes analysing what content that still has value and only migrating this

Hybrid: We can setup links & search between your existing On-Prem and new 365 for an orderly transition


Lift and shift? Most file shares are messy and just moving these structures to Microsoft 365 doesn’t help

Azure vs Microsoft 365 libraries: Our techniques allow content to be moved to Azure but managed from within Microsoft 365 just like other files

Engage with users: Your users know more about their files than anyone else. Learn how to engage with them and the best methods and tools to use to get the best outcome

Legacy EDRMS

Safe hands: We have performed a wide range of successful migrations, in

Experience with many EDRMS/ECM: Includes from TRIM, Content Server, eDocs, Documentum and Tech One

Informed choices: Our discovery process lays out what you have and options

Automated processes: Migration is database driven to allow trial runs, partial & delta migrations

Other platforms

Looking at moving to Microsoft 365? No matter where you're migrating from we will point you in the right direction

Case Studies

Migration: Tasman moved content from their legacy EDRMS, SharePoint and fileshare content to a modern 365 digital workplace.

The Project: This was achieved in 2020 through rolling lockdowns. Change Management and engagement played an important role in the project's success 

Modern workspaces: The new digital workplace includes Teams, responsive intranet, enhanced case file mangement, Power BI dashboards and deep integration to their line of business rating system

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