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Get it right

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No more information chaos

Many organisations find migration just moves their information mess to the Microsoft 365 cloud. It doesn’t have to be this way

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Informed migrations

Use proven methods of discovery to make pragmatic tactical decisions on what and how to migrate

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The right toolset

Use the right migration toolset mix of SQL, BI, powershell, code, Windows Server FCI, scripts, and third party tools such as ShareGate or AvePoint

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Design that users love

Get the design right - create the optimal combination of read-only and active workplace structures

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Infer and extract metadata for an amazing search and browsing experience

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Identify high value and sensitive content that needs to be managed carefully

Migrate from Fileshare to Microsoft 365

Lift and shift?

Most file shares are messy and just moving these structures to Microsoft 365 doesn’t help

Azure vs Microsoft 365 libraries

Our techniques allow content to be moved to Azure but managed from within Microsoft 365 just like other files

Engage with users

Your users know more about their files than anyone else. Learn how to work with them, and take them with you

Our migration process covers

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Get set up for migration and organise the structures you need to hold your content in Microsoft 365

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Information architecture

Extract metadata from fileshares and EDRMS for search, browse, security and structures

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Risk reduction

Find and deal with content and data that poses potential risks if lost or exposed (e.g. privacy information)

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What you can do yourself versus using outside expertise and best practice

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Change management

Engage with managers and staff to get their active support for the migration

Migrate from On-premise/EDRMS to Microsoft 365

On-premise SharePoint

Choose the right approach of many. Our whitepaper covers tactics on transitioning to Microsoft 365 and how and when to modernise

Legacy EDRMS

We have performed a wide range of successful migrations, including from TRIM and eDocs Tech one

Other platforms

Looking at moving to Microsoft 365? No matter where you're migrating from we will point you in the right direction

Want to know more?

Twelve common mistakes when starting out with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Proven document management, intranet, extranet and collaboration

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