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2022 06 Kris Working OTS
  How to achieve practical retention and disposal at scale - Directors, Sarah Heal & Grant Margison, share our latest innovation.


The Public Records Act requires agencies to manage and protect their documents. This includes disposing of documents when they are legally allowed or required to do so. 


In practice, with the sheer amount and diversity of content, well managed disposal is hard to achieve.


Information Leadership's latest solution Smart Labels helps your organisation achieve effective and  cost-efficient disposal with four simple steps to compliance.



Table 1: An easy and practical way to meet retention and disposal needs with iWorkplace Smart Labels.

This article builds on the outcomes of Microsoft's whitepaper that assessed the capability of Microsoft 365 to support organisations in meeting their obligations under the New Zealand Public Records Act 2005 (PRA). The whitepaper was written by Information Leadership and published in Jan 2021.

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