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Let's make work better

Our vision and mission - transforming how work gets done in New Zealand.


Formed in 2004 by Sarah Heal and Grant Margison, Information Leadership has remained dedicated to making work better for New Zealand organisations for over 15 years.


With offices in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin, we showcase a proven ability to execute and cover all disciplines needed to create Microsoft365 solutions that thrive and grow - from Dargaville to Invercargill.


We exist to make work better by helping public agencies be more accountable, efficient and easier to interact with;  and commercial organisations be more competitive, innovative, secure and resilient.


Our Values

Our vision and mission is to be the recognised leader in helping New Zealand thrive and prosper through smart ways of using information and knowledge.

values team

Team Players

We’ve got each other’s backs


Playing your part, supporting & trusting others to do theirs


Gracefully receiving feedback & providing constructive feedback to others


Interacting respectfully taking into account behavioural preferences

values thriving


Feeling valued & making a difference


Challenging, fulfilling & meaningful work


Playing to your strengths & interests


Opportunities to grow and learn

values challenging

Challenging Ourselves

Are we making work better?


Raising the bar/redefining what 'good' looks like


Delivering on this


Continually improving delivery & working together

values reliable


To each other and customers with our time, thoughts and actions


We go beyond expectations in giving help, advice and support to customers


We help our colleagues, learn, grow and meet their commitments to customers


We are forgiving and gentle to people and assume the best of others’ intent and actions

values experience

Great experience & outcome

Customers are delighted with our work


Great experience working with us, confidence that we will understand their needs & act in their best interests


Pragmatic solutions that embrace constraints


Multi-disciplinary teamwork; problem solving & ‘attention to detail’ delivery

values prepared

Reliable & Prepared

We do what we say we will


We are clear about what is expected and allocate enough time & the right resources


Our planning is proactive to meet deliverables and we communicate early if we cannot


We avoid expedient shortcuts by planning and preparing for what can go wrong

Sharing our smarts

As Gold Partners we enjoy a close relationship with Microsoft and have had several opportunities to collaborate and share our knowledge on Microsoft.com

01 CHC Opening 2021 4

Stronger together: partnering with the best to make sure you get the most from your technology investment.

Microsoft Solutions Partner - Modern Work

As members of the Microsoft Partner Network, we enjoy a close relationship with Microsoft, both locally and globally, and are given the opportunity to influence the product roadmap by providing feedback to the Microsoft Product Team.  


Microsoft Partner of the Year

Building a strong reputation and track record, this is the third win at the Partner Awards in the last four years. 2020's award reflects the successful partnership with Tasman District Council to deliver a new digital workplace on Microsoft 365 affectionately named 'DORIS', or Digital Office Records and Information System. 


Information Leadership previously won 'Empowering Employees' for our work with Todd Energy in 2019 and was highly commended for Modern Workplace. In 2021, Information Leadership was a finalist in the hotly contested, Modern Work Microsoft Partner of the Year award for the case study with NZ Qualifications Authority. 


ALGIM Elite Partner

We are also proud to be Elite Partners with the Association of Local Government Information Management (ALGIM), supporting the professional development and thought leadership of IT and ICT staff of local government bodies.


Content Services Partner

The first and only Kiwi owned company to be a member of this prestigious global program. Selected for our expertise in compliance/records management and implementation, partners in the Content Services program help customers achieve more with their content in Microsoft 365.


Content Services, also referred to as ‘Enterprise Content Management’, include document management, intranet, workflow, records management and knowledge management tools and systems.




Our management team

Grant Margison
Grant Margison
Director & Strategy Lead

A co-founder of Information Leadership, Grant combines his experience in corporate management roles with a passion for technology and information. Grant is in charge of strategic direction and innovation at Information Leadership.

Sarah Heal
Sarah Heal
Director & Chief Executive

A co-founder of Information Leadership, Sarah is an enthusiastic advocate for the power of information. She has a deep recordkeeping, change management and information management background that sets Information Leadership apart.

 David Seel
David Seel
Major Implementations & Project Director

David is an outstanding technical and project leader who has been with Information Leadership for 19+ years. He has deep technical and systems knowledge as well as experience delivering projects across complex organisations in multiple sectors.

Mark Watson
Mark Watson
Solution & Engagement Manager

With over 15 years of lead consulting experience Mark is passionate about increasing awareness and the art of the possible, and ensuring organisations are making the most of their digital investments.

Katherine Deacon
Katherine Deacon
Commercial Manager

An experienced and people-focused leader with over 20 years of Australasian experience, Katherine loves to ensure relationships with customers are set up for success to deliver a great experience and outcome.

Kristy Archer
Kristy Archer
365 Practice Lead

Kristy uses her pragmatic and organised approach as a superb project and design lead for ECM projects. This includes a specialty for Council EDRMS and ECM implementations. Kristy has been with Information Leadership for 14+ years.

Ian Morrish
Ian Morrish
Technical Director - Infrastructure & Cloud Platforms

Ian is one of New Zealand's top SharePoint experts, having worked at Microsoft for 10 years prior to joining Information Leadership. His expertise in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 is invaluable, and he regularly mentors Information Leadership and customer staff.

Jos Auker-Woor
Jos Auker-Woor
Technical Director - Development

Jos' experience spans more than 20 years and he excels at sharing new technology and ways of working. He puts his second-to-none trouble shooting skills to work as lead architect for Information Leadership's iWorkplace product line.

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