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Many New Zealand organisations deal with large and complex files on a daily basis. While it is possible to save these files in Microsoft 365, they can be slow and cumbersome to download and manage.


Smart Storage allows you to access and manage these files from within SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams while storing them in the most appropriate system.

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Save of storage

Save on M365 Cloud storage costs by saving large files in Smart Storage.

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Single Digital Workplace

Large and complex files can be stored in Smart Storage. Links are automatically published to SharePoint sites and made available within MS Teams.

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With appropriate metadata applied, content is searchable meaning you know what is stored, where and can maintain the single source of truth.

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Apply Metadata

Content held in Smart Storage can be tagged with the business classification and other meaningful metadata.

Supported large & complex file types

Corporate Images & Simple Video

Designed to host a library of curated images and short videos (<10mins) within SharePoint Online where they are regularly used for internal comms, presentations etc.

Large & Casefile Video

Long form videos are stored on a dedicated network share where storage cost is low and playback load times are short. Metadata is used to link the video to SharePoint Online for access and easy playing.

Large Images

Large images including RAW files are stored on file shares. Links to these locations are added to the relevant location in SharePoint Online.

Large or Non-SharePoint Files

Some files are just too big to work well in a SharePoint Online environment, or the apps that create and edit them are not compatible with opening and saving files to SharePoint (e.g., InDesign, CAD). In these instances, files can be saved to a well managed file share with a taxonomy that reflects the digital workplace. Restrictions on the types of files that can be saved in each location help maintain control.

Image collections

Although individual image files typically aren't too large, when a user tries to download a series then the collection may be quite sizeable.

Getting started with Smart Storage

Identify SharePoint sites that require complex files (Smart Storage) in the sites register and/or case files register.


Automatic connection of SharePoint site or Case folder to Smart Storage.


Upload and Save any complex files to Smart Storage.


Creates a link to files in SharePoint site.


Discover, access and apply metadata to files held in Smart Storage.

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