Review, Strategy, Roadmap

Get off to the right start - or restart with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

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Do you have questions like these?

We have Microsoft 365 and Teams, but how did it get so out of control?

When should I use what tools and how do I set up the right structures?

Why is search not really delivering for us?

When a customer has a problem, how do I get a full picture of what is happening?

How can I avoid being locked into high costs and outdated technology?

Why is our intranet useless, out of date, and I can’t find what I need?

How do we migrate content from our file shares?

Why is X so hard to find?

But we have lots of forms and processes! What about PowerApps and Flow?

Our 365 search doesn’t work well, what is wrong?

How much will it cost?

What can we do in-house?

Want to know more?

Avoid resorting to custom one-off solutions with our own and selected third party add-ins

See lots of design examples, understand what is possible, build a plan, and execute

Sharing our designs and customer examples of your workplace future

About us and our approach to SharePoint and Microsoft 365

What we provide


An implementable roadmap based on proven tactics.

Business Case

Building a compelling business case.


Cost models and options.

Risk Mitigation

Key risks and mitigants identified.

Elements we cover

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How Microsoft 365 should be set up. Security, Integration and third party access and more

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Information architecture

Metadata, look and feel, navigation, use of auto-classification, and how to set up great search

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Priority solutions

Ignite interest and get attention so your project gets off to the right start

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Self sufficiency

How self-sufficient you should be, and how to build those skills

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Change management

Adoption strategy - bringing key managers and all your staff with you

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Set up monitoring, roles, and responsibilities for the long haul

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Mobility options

What devices and use cases to build in to the overall design, as well as specific solutions

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Extend Microsoft365

How to get more from third party Apps, Flow, Power Apps and Power BI


Information protection built into our designs to suit your circumstances 

What we take into account

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Budgets & timeframes

Your budget and timeframes objectives

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What you can do in-house and how we can support you

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Business drivers

Your business drivers and pain points

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IT environment

Your current IT environment and what needs to change

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Your priorities

Your solution priorities and tactics

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Staff working styles, environment, and culture

Next Steps

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Roadshow event: Moving to M365 cloud.

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