Dilemmas in changing times for Info Managers

ALGIM conference Nov 2022

Dilemmas in changing times for Information Managers and what to focus on


Sarah Heal shares six practical insights from the front line of information management that you can use.


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ALGIM Resources - November 2022

Read Sarah Heal's slides from her ALGIM 2022 presentation: Dilemmas in changing times for Information Managers.
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ALGIM Resources - June 2022

10 minutes: Join Grant Margison as he takes you through a day in the life of an end user as they use a well designed Microsoft365 platform at the ALGIM 2021 Conference (held in June 2022).
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8 minutes: Join Grant Margison as he discusses how Teams Governance can help make Teams the place and way most work gets done and without it, how Teams can become a source of confusion at the ALGIM 2021 Conference (held in June 2022).
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12 minutes: Watch as Sarah Heal discusses the strengths of M365 in a local government context as well as giving you things to think about ahead of your own M365 deployment at the ALGIM 2021 Conference (held in June 2022).
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11 minutes: Watch as Sarah Heal explains how a roadmap and good information architecture can be a game changer to building a business case and implementing M365 at scale at the ALGIM 2021 Conference (held in June 2022).
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Supporting you at scale

Transform how work gets done with your Microsoft 365 digital workplace.

Small scale is easy but managing scale and complexity isn't. Having hundreds of employees and even more Teams needs a deliberate approach before you end up with isolated silos of information.


This is what we specialise in...

Our 'iWorkplace' solutions, design patterns, Apps and Frameworks are designed to help you harness the power of M365 at scale to really get your digital workplace humming.

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Workspace Automation

Build autoclassification, setting retention labels & case file management into your digital workspaces in a way that makes setup and ongoing management simple.

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Teams First

Successfully manage & maintain control of Teams and external guests at scale to optimise collaboration within your organisation.

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Information Protection & Compliance

Be comprehensive in your approach to Information Protection & Compliance while saving time and gaining insight into how your users can safely create and interact with information.

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Change & Adoption

Ensure the success of your digital workspace by engaging and empowering managers and users. This includes initiatives at all phases of your project e.g. developing the business case, forming a roadmap, implementation and business as usual.

Our latest innovations

Get your move to digital off  to the right start with our range of tools, designed  for scalable implementation.

Empower users to collaborate and connect with external guests. The App provides visibility & control over guest access in your organisation.


Save time with our automated process. Simply approve or reject guest access and the rest is done for you.

Take control of OneDrive use before it becomes your biggest information management headache. 


This solution includes:

Tool to view & move OneDrive files, as well as determining where they are excessive.

BI dashboard that shows, per person, their use of OneDrive versus ECM workspaces.

Framework for change management & proactive action to engage with users.

Use native M365 retention labels to protect files from day 1 then dispose of them to a schedule

Smart Labels automates this at scale and with tricky use cases that hard to administer out of the box with E3 or E5


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