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09 May 2024

Privacy Week 2024

Privacy Week 2024 is all about Busting Privacy Myths! Join the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner from May 13-17 for a range of free webinars throughout the week. Check out their website for more information.


Privacy Week 2024 Programme

Monday 13 May

Myth: Māori data sovereignty is too hard - introductory - 11am

Join Chris Cormack (Kāi Tau, Kāti Māmoe) to understand why Māori Data Sovereignty is important.

A hacker's view of data breaches - introductory - 1pm

Join Jim Rush, PrivSec Consulting to hear about real-world examples of data breaches.


Tuesday 14 May

In-person IAPP Knowledge Net Event - Wellington - 8:30-11:30 am

Hosted by the Wellington chapter of The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), network and hear from a panel including Michael Webster, Privacy Commissioner.

Busting myths about privacy and cyber security - introductory - 10:30am

Join Sam Leggett, CERT to hear more about what businesses need to know about cyber security and how to prepare for the worst.

Biometric and you - intermediate - 12pm

Join Dr Marcin Betkier and Gehan Gunasekara from the Privacy Foundation to gain a practical understanding of biometrics.

Sharing personal information: Why aren't we sharing when we have authority to do so? - intermediate - 3:30pm

Join speakers Paul Miller - Chief Privacy Officer Department of Corrections, Eleanor Aitkin - Principal Data Sharing Advisor MBIE, Detective Sergeant Gary Fowler - Family Harm Supervisor New Zealand Police to bust common myths around information sharing across government.


Wednesday 15 May

If I'm not doing anything wrong, what do I have to hide? - introductory - 9:30am

Join speakers Rachel Levinson-Waldman, Liz MacPherson, Joanna Hayward, Peter Mee (moderator) OPC to understand why it can be harmful for enforcement agencies to access even publicly available information, and bust the myth that if you're not doing anything wrong, you've got nothing to hide.

Safeguarding children and young people's privacy in New Zealand - introductory - 10:45am

Join speakers Ella Pearce, OPC; Kathleen Kaveney, Post Primary Teachers’ Association Te Wehengarua; Darryn Aitchison, YouthLaw Aotearoa; Annette Mills, University of Canterbury; Rebecca Hawkins, Privacy Foundation to discuss children's privacy and how it is one of the priority projects for the Office ove the coming years.

Resolving Privacy Complaints: Internal Resolution and Working with OPC - introductory - 12pm

Join Sarah and Jade from OPC if you are interested in learning how to respond to a privacy complaint.

Ask the experts: what you need to know about notifying individuals of a privacy breach - introductory - 1pm

Join members of OPC's Compliance team: Susan Allen, Vinka Cisternas-Torres and Lloyd Quartermaine (moderator) OPC for a Q&A that covers what agencies need to know and think about when notifying people that their information has been impacted by a privacy breach.

What's missing from the conversation on AI? - intermediate - 2pm

Join speakers James Ting-Edwards, OPC; Mandy Henk, Tohatoa; Karaitiana Taiuru, Māori Tech Ethicist; Allyn Robbins, Brainbox to talk about all things AI tools.


Thursday 16 May

Privacy for Charities and Not-for-Profits: tips and tricks - introductory - 9:15am

Join speakers Eve Kennedy, OPC; Louisa Joblin, Duncan Cotterill; Jo Cribb, consultant for a webinar aimed at those managing or governing not for profit organisations or charities.

All privacy breaches need to be reported to the Privacy Commissioner? - intermediate - 10:30am

Join Richard Wells and Suzy McMillan from MinterEllisonRuddWatts to debunk the commonly misunderstood belief that all privacy breaches affecting personal information should be reported to the Privacy Commissioner.

Shielding Your Digital Self: Understanding Online Privacy Rights under the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2025 - introductory - 11:45pm

Join Michael des Tombe from Netsafe to discuss what privacy rights you have online.

Managing Privacy in the Data & Generative AI Era - intermediate - 1:15pm

Join speakers Paul Holmes, Info by Design; John Cunningham and Todd Wellard, Securiti to discuss how organisations can manage privacy in the data & generative AI era.

Young people don't care about Privacy - Debunking the myth - introductory - 2:30pm

Debunk the myth that young people don't care about privacy with Anje Webster from Generation Online.

Can we learn anything from over the ditch? The role of advocates in the privacy ecosystem - introductory - 3:45pm

Do Australians have a stronger privacy advocacy culture than New Zealand? Join Samantha Floreani, Head of Policy, Digital Rights Watch; Kiki Fong Lim, Electronic Frontiers Australia; Kate Bower, CHOICE Australia; Liz MacPherson, Deputy Commissioner at OPC will moderate.


Friday 17 May

Sharenting, Children and Privacy - The fine line between 'cute' and 'concerning' - 9am

Join Annette Mills from The University of Canterbury to discuss the consequences of oversharing information about their children.

Privacy is More than Compliance: Transforming Privacy into a Strategic Business Advantage - advanced - 10:30am

In an era where data is as valuable as currency, the management of personal information extends far beyond mere compliance; it's a strategic imperative that can distinguish your organisation in a competitive market.

Data Privacy: Protecting Children in the Digital Age - introductory - 12pm

Dr Annette Mills and Rebecca Hawkins will delve into key issues concerning children's data privacy in the digital age, such as data collection and online profiling of children, third party data sharing, and implications of AI-driven decision-making and potential for algorithmic bias for children.

My DNA will only be used in this way - busting privacy myths about DNA - introductory - 2pm

Dr Andelka M. Phillips from Ghent University (Belgium) will provide an introduction to the world of personal genomics and things to consider before purchasing a DNA test.