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10 May 2024

Microsoft Monthly Update Apr-May

Welcome back to another Microsoft Monthly Update where we summarise some of the latest headlines from Microsoft, so that you don’t have to. This month we’re looking at what’s new in the AI world as well as a ‘groundbreaking’ Māori data sovereignty deal.

Microsoft Community Conference, Orlando

Last week Katherine Deacon, Mark Watson and Grant Margison joined over 4000 attendees in Orlando for the 2024 Microsoft Community Conference. The team have come back inspired by the possibilities Copilot unlocks for businesses with Grant’s top 5 takeaways noting:

- Microsoft is going all in on AI with Copilot and the results are impressive

- Copilot introduces a whole new way of working - soon we'll just be asking for what we need to get the job done rather than wasting time clicking through endless menus and screens

- Need to ensure we safeguard against confidential or private info being shared internally through the proper use of permissions and file protection

- Any sensitive information should be secured and information not needed should be disposed of

- The combination of iWorkplace Apps and methodology as well as E3 licensing makes this attainable - E5 licensing provides an additional layer of protection options


Enabling your AI transformation journey with Microsoft Viva 

 Microsoft has gained insights into AI adoption through Copilot, noting it's a cultural shift. New tools like Copilot Dashboard and Copilot Academy, powered by Viva, aim to drive enterprise-wide adoption. The dashboard offers insights on Copilot's impact, available to all Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers at no extra cost starting in 2024 Q3. Viva supports change management by enabling AI knowledge through Copilot Academy and fostering excitement through platforms like Viva Amplify. Viva Engage facilitates community building and leadership communication. Copilot Impact survey templates in Viva Glint and Viva Pulse allow organizations to gauge AI readiness and impact. Microsoft provides resources like the Copilot Success Kit and webinars to support Copilot adoption. 

Full article here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2024/04/11/enabling-your-ai-transformation-journey-with-microsoft-viva/ 


Microsoft enters ‘groundbreaking’ Māori data sovereignty deal. 

Te Tumu Paeroa (TTP), the Māori Trustee office, will anchor Microsoft's new data centers in New Zealand, based on TTP's Māori data sovereignty framework. The deal aims to protect Māori data within Aotearoa's borders, ensuring it's not subject to foreign laws. This move aligns with TTP's mission to deepen connections to land and support innovation. Microsoft's advanced data residency feature ensures data stays within New Zealand. The partnership also navigates cultural implications of AI, with TTP leading the way in adopting technology that aligns with their goals. DDS IT will handle the data migration, expected to take 12-to-24 months, to the sustainable data center. 

Full article here: https://www.teaonews.co.nz/2024/05/07/microsoft-enters-groundbreaking-maori-data-sovereignty-deal/ 


Microsoft’s Latest Windows Update May Have Broken Your VPN 

Microsoft's April update for Windows 11 has inadvertently caused VPN connection failures for some users. While Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, there's no immediate fix available. Affected users are advised to wait for a future update to resolve the problem. Meanwhile, Microsoft suggests using the Windows help function, but this may not be effective since they are still working on a solution. Rolling back the update is possible but not recommended due to potential security risks. Switching to a different VPN provider might be a temporary solution for those urgently needing VPN access. Microsoft is working on a fix, but the timeline for its release remains uncertain. 

Full article here: https://tech.co/news/microsoft-windows-update-break-vpn