news - A large pile of PanPac logs, viewed from the cut end, creating a circular pattern
01 August 2019

Case study: NZ forestry company gets pragmatic & practical solution with Office365

“pragmatic, practical and useable”

Pan Pac is a fully integrated forestry/timber products company in New Zealand with logging, pulp, lumber operations, and a sawmill. It is the largest forest owner and log purchaser in Hawkes Bay, and employs 800+ people to work within the company’s operating areas.

Under new IT leadership, Pan Pac decided to move from existing on-premise SharePoint and other file shares to modern Office 365 solutions. The business case hinged on three key business improvements:

Drawing the diverse organization together via an intranet

Providing health and safety compliance processes and documentation to adhere to government regulations for ‘Major Hazard Facilities’

Managing and publishing controlled documents across all business activities

Information Leadership delivered “pragmatic, practical and useable” SharePoint workspaces, using its methodology and Azure based Apps. With the resilient design base created, Pan Pac is now well placed to continue its further digital transformation with Office 365.