Smart Labels FAQ's

Where do we begin with retention & disposal?


Retention & disposal can be achieved in 4 easy steps with Smart Labels:


  • Review the disposal schedule for your organisation's requirements and set up your master set of retention labels that sites, folders and files will be tagged with.
  • Map the schedule to your taxonomy and content.
  • Set default metadata that will then apply the correct label to the content of a whole library or those files in a particular subfolder.
  • Step back and have the confidence that files that need to be retained are now protected and those that no longer have value are disposed. Reporting is in place to know what is happening.


We don't have access to the compliance centre, what can we do?


After you have competed the initial set up of your master retention labels in the compliance centre, applying the labels to your content can all be done from the location you are applying them. Simply set default metadata that will then automate the application of out of the box retention labels to sites, folders and files so you can set up and step back.


We don't E5 licensing, will this have an impact on our R&D capabilities?


Whether you have E3 or E5 licensing, Smart Labels enables you to apply out of the box retention labels to protect your files until they are due to be disposed. Our approach allows you to simply set metadata defaults on your content that will then automate the application of out of the box retention labels to sites, folders and files. 


If the apply label is not hidden, can a user override it?


Once a retention label has been published to a site, the Apply Label appears in the document information panel and cannot be hidden. If a user does update the Apply Label column, Smart Labels will revert the retention label back to the correct label.


How is Smart Labels different from Smart Records?


Smart Labels is an extension of Smart Records that supports the automated application of retention labels. When used together, Smart Labels and Smart Records support global metadata driven R&D, the ability to copy/move records for transfer or re-organisation and adoption & exception monitoring dashboards in addition to the Smart Labels functionality.

If you have Smart Records already, enjoy Smart Labels without any extra license fees.


Can we use out of the box retention labels with Smart Labels?


Yes! Smart Labels automates the application of out of the box retention labels, allowing your organisation to protect records from day 1.


Do we need to have other iWorkplace apps to support Smart Labels?


No, Smart Labels can be licensed as a stand-alone app. However, additional iWorkplace apps allow for more sophisticated use cases to be dealt with elegantly and automatically. Simplifying and allowing for scalability of R&D out of the box E3 or E5 solutions.


Smart Labels leverages the functionality of other iWorkplace apps such as:


  • Auto-fixer (supports if a file is moved from one location to another, updating metadata default and retention labels of the new location)
  • Smart Metadata (supports Team channels, folders and subfolders of document libraries with more than retention label required)
  • Smart Provisioning (supports any workspace or Team to have a pre-set R&D applied)
  • Smart Case Files (support event-driven R&D – see next question for details)
  • Teams Wizard (allows a user to request a Team with R&D pre-set up in the Team. This can be a default or matched to the taxonomy for the selected team)
  • Smart Records (Global rules to apply to labels, global reporting and batch appraisal)


The combination of these apps provides your organisation with a strong foundation to achieve good recordkeeping practices.


Our organisation already has a Smart Records license, can we get started with Smart Labels?


If you already have Smart Records, there is no additional license fee. However, you will need to notify Information Leadership to get the Smart Labels subscription enabled before you start.


Does Smart Labels cater for event driven use cases?


Yes! Smart Labels when used with Smart Case Files based workspaces supports this. These can be set-up so the Smart Labels updates the retention label from “retain” while the case is active to “dispose” after Y days or years. This works with E3 or E5 licences.


What happens at the end of a file's retention lifespan?


Depending on the label, a file may be retained indefinitely, transferred to secure storage (including Archives NZ) or destroyed.