RIMPA 2023

Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance 2023 Seminar.

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Dilemmas in changing times for Information Managers and what to focus on

Information Leadership Director Sarah Heal, shares 5 practical insights to get you started:

1. Get hands-on knowledge

Take the time to understand the repositories, capabilities, traps, insights and shortcuts of M365.


Specifically, build your understanding in:

- SharePoint document libraries

- Teams

- Automated R&D

- Out of the box in E3/E5 and the role of Automation Apps

2. Foundation Controls

Understand what controls you have at your disposal to retain, dispose and protect your content. This includes understanding can be done using out of the box tools and how/when to apply to specific use cases.

3. Increase BAU hygiene

Understand where your staff are storing information vs. where should they store information. By creating or moving to a structured team/workspace, your informaiton risks are reduced and your  efficiency is raised.


4. Legacy systems reduction

It's time to move on... Prioritise what you can dispose of, take off line or better digitally protect. This includes understanding the effort and cost vs risk reduction for impact.

5. Build influence & key relationships

Think about how you can build momentum within your organisation:

- Who can support you?

- What data, social proof & facts will help?

- What messaging or external input would help?

Ask us to show you...

- What well-managed MS Teams looks like


- A 'Teams first' approach to information management


- Full enterprise content management in Microsoft 365

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