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08 April 2024

SharePoint Online Search Index Issue

Have you noticed something funky going on with your Search lately? There is an unresolved & ongoing Microsoft SharePoint Online Search Index Issue that has resulted in:

  • Users not being able to search for files
  • Events apps not displaying events
  • News apps haven't been displaying news articles
  • React Content Queries & PnP Search not able to discover the list info or documents they pertain to

This issue appears to have impacted Europe & North America at the end of Jan 2024 and Australasia and Asia at the beginning of March 2024. It remains unresolved.


The next update from Microsoft is expected by Tuesday 9th April and will be delivered via the Microsoft Admin Portal. To view previous updates, see here (note you will need access to your organisation's admin portal): https://admin.microsoft.com/Adminportal/Home#/servicehealth/:/alerts/SP709902


If this is an issue for you, we encourage you to raise it with Microsoft and reach out to our team if you need support.