Change Management & Governance Workshop

Design and implement projects that bring people with you

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Why attend?


You are a manager or a leader and you're planning to implement a project in your organisation - and you want to make sure it succeeds by bringing your people on board with you.


We offer a one day workshop that runs through managing your information management project, or a two day workshop covering your SharePoint project.

One day workshop objectives

• Stop self sabotage by understanding your behaviour style, how it influences the responses you’ve been getting, and what to do about it

• Build messages that get the responses and buy-in you need

• Develop a adaptable governance plan and change management plan

• Resolve opposing views and learn how to identify and work through them, before a gridlock brings your project to a standstill

• Construct business cases that are compelling and achievable

• Win over stakeholders by understanding their drivers and how to bring them on board

Workshop outline

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12 sources of project failure

Consider how your project stacks up and where the dangers are, and any issues specific to your organisation

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Select a combo of our 24 tools

Use card sorting, discussion and exercises to zero in on the best tactics

teal map location plan strategy roadmap

Map a first pass plan

Fill and customise our change management and governance plan template

teal brain intelligence plan strategy smart

Validate the plan

Discuss your tactics with other attendees and our experienced consultant

Change management & governance model



Charter project & brand



Stakeholder risk crosscheck

Champions network

Bright spots process



Karma cleansing

Learning styles and content

Self sufficiency and training

Training refreshers/induction


Gridlock resolution



Business case

Project rules and governance

BAU roles and governance

Roll-out priorities

Migration and burning bridges

Measure adoption and fix issues



Design wiki

Track design decision making

Design patterns

Audience by need and staircase

UAT expectations

IM policies and principles

View the full whitepaper and implement change management & governance methodology based on our model and its 24 tools.

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