Anita Rapson

Anita Rapson.

Anita Rapson

Senior Consultant

  • Taxonomy & Metadata Design
  • SharePoint Design & Build
  • EDRMS Implementation
  • Retention & Disposal
  • PRA Compliance

Anita has over fifiteen years experience working in the information and records management within a range of organisations, which is supported by academic research in this discipline.

During her work, she has been involved in a wide variety of initiatives including SharePoint design and build, taxonomy development, retention and disposal development, as well as policy and strategy development.


What Anita's Clients Have Said..

"I felt that with Anita's guidance it was excellent. It was very easy for me to follow and I didn't have any problems at all. 

"Because Anita set the document up so well I found it to be easy to follow. Once I got the hang of how it was laid out it was easy to understand. The guidelines were the key."

"Antia's knowledge of the topic and the targeted content"

"She's fantastic, quite an asset for Information Leadership."
Kylie Welch, Records Manager, Whitireia Polytechnic

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